Alison Saar: ‘Feallan and Fallow’ Sculptures at Madison Square Park

NEW YORK—Six sculptures by Alison Saar have infused Madison Square Park with an almost spiritual presence. “Feallan and Fallow” is inspired by the ancient Greek myth of Persephone (the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, she represented the Earth’s fertility) and uses the female form to explore the cycle of the seasons.

The installation includes four new sculptures cast in bronze by the Los Angeles-based artist, along with a pair of early works, “Treesouls,” created in 1994. Saar’s sculptures are on view from Sept. 22 to Dec. 31, 2011.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, “Treesouls” 1994 (found and sculpted wood with copper cladding). Top of page, “Fall” (bronze) by Alison Saar depicts “a woman of the harvest with a head of branches extending upwards, bearing no leaves but a smattering of pomegranates, some whole and others split.”

“Winter” (bronze)

“Summer” (bronze)

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