Home Design Show Offers Art as Essential Component of Interior Design

NEW YORK—Nefertiti heads in a selection of rainbow hues and handcrafted folk art sculptures stood out among work by many artisans showcasing their talent at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. A major component of the event was several aisles featuring a range of artful finds. The prominence of the work emphasized the fact that art is an essential component of personalized, refined home design.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above and top of page, Sculptures by Dick Shanley of Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. The laminated birch works are composed of thin layers of wood glued together where there appear to be dark lines or grains in the wood.

John Murphy’s photographs of nature distinguished by elaborate tradition frames in bright colors.

Amy Genser‘s works are inspired by the natural world including the flow of water and aerial landscape views. Each is composed of rolled papers coils afixed to canvas (paper and acrylic on canvas).

Detail of canvas by Amy Genser.

Wood folk art sculptures by Mark Perry. From left, “Serenity” and “The Salesman.”

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